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Servo Bore Tools

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The SF-99 servo pin bore repair system is a set of tools that allow you to easily repair worn servo pin bores with no special machinery, all that is needed is a drill and a hammer.

So that you can expand your capabilites to multiple transmissions without purchasing duplicate tooling, each kit can be purchased as either a master or a sub kit. Master kits contain all tooling needed (jig, guides, reamers, drivers, gauge pin, and bushings), while sub kits contain only the tooling necessary to expand into a new transmission (jig, gauge pin, and bushings) from an existing master kit.

All of the kits do not have duplicate tooling. To identify which kits do, they are seperated into color coded "series." For instance, the 5RW kit is a Black series kit. This means that if you have a 5RW Master kit, you can purchase any other Black series sub kit. To expand to a different color series, you will, however, need to purchase a Master kit of that color series.

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